Ahti's Apple ][ Programs!

A big thanks to Charles T. Turley for converting the programs to .dsk format and uploading them to the Apple ftp sites! His efforts are much appreciated!

Requirements for both games: Apple IIe or compatible; at least 64K.

Fishing Game, a.k.a. ScaryFish 1.1!

This 1991 relic is the first complete version of the fishing game. It has two "worlds", the ancestors of Medium-Sized River and Ozark/Mid-South Reservoir. There are 18 species and 4 of each bait/tackle item. The "screensaver" was created in 1987 and cycles through 256 fast-moving fish. If you make a new character and all the holes seem fished out, try creating another character or use the "TORSTI" character on the disk image. The game maintains records for big fish and other angling feats.

Select here to download ScaryFish I disk image compressed as a zipfile.
Select here to download fishing.dsk.gz Fishing disk image compressed with Gnuzip. To run it, load fishing.dsk and type "RUN HELLO". This disk image doesn't boot, but runs fine if you boot a "master" disk, change to the fishing disk, then type "RUN FISHING GAME" from the command line.
Video footage of fishing game Narrated footage of the fishing game.

Scary IIII American Football Game!

This 1987 relic is a lo-res American football game for 0-2 players. Options include two player, one player vs. computer, and computer vs. computer; minutes per quarter; infinitely adjustable difficulty level; control a random defensive player; keyboard or joystick; and other options. Play options include bombs, going on 4th down or kicking, timeouts, etc. Fans cheer when the home team does something great or a team goes on 4th down. Extensive statistics at end of game including quarterback rating. Includes a popular bug where fans sometimes run out on the field! Computer's AI is very good; he gets more aggressive when behind and isn't afraid to throw bombs or go on 4th down. Each defensive player has a different "personality"; they don't just come after you. The disk image includes the original Scary III football game from 1984.

Select here to download Scary IIII disk image compressed as a zipfile.
Select here to download scary_football4.dsk.gz Scary IIII disk image compressed with Gnuzip. To run it, load the .dsk file and boot it or type "RUN HELLO" from an Apple command prompt.

Click here for screenshots of the Apple programs.

You need an Apple II emulator to run these programs. Click here for the emulators directory at ftp.apple.asimov.net. AppleWin, ApplePC, and others are the greatest thing since sliced bread; they immortalize classic Apple II games!

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