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ScaryFish is a fishing simulation game with over 60 species. Anglers will appreciate the realism, but you don't need to know anything about fishing to enjoy playing. Visit "worlds" containing fishing holes. Choose from over 250 baits and lures. Choose from a wide range of line strengths. The results are different every time you play, so you might never get tired of playing. As you play the game, humorous mishaps might occur.

ScaryFish 5

ScaryFish 5
ScaryFish 5, a.k.a. ScaryFish V, runs on Windows 10 machines.

ScaryFish 4

ScaryFish 4
ScaryFish 4, a.k.a. ScaryFish IIII, runs on Android devices.

ScaryFish Ultralite

ScaryFish Ultralite
ScaryFish Ultralite runs on browsers, as a Chrome app, and as an Android web app.

ScaryFish 3

ScaryFish 3
ScaryFish 3, a.k.a. ScaryFish III, runs on Windows devices.

ScaryFish 2

ScaryFish 2
ScaryFish 2, a.k.a. ScaryFish II, runs on DOS emulators.

Fishing Game Version I

Apple ][ programs
Version I runs on Apple ][ emulators, for example AppleWin.

Other Games

The watercraft shooting gallery trilogy!
NoWake is first person. EcoDroneSub is side view. BuoyZero is top view.

NoWake runs on Windows 10, browsers, as a Chrome app, and as an Android web app.

EcoDroneSub runs on Windows 10, browsers, and as an Android web app.

BuoyZero runs on Windows 10 and browsers.

GETSTANK has a native Android version and a browser version.

Rude Guy
Rude Guy runs on browsers.

More ScaryFish Content

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