No Wake

You're on the water in a no wake zone. Unfortunately some operators of watercraft ignore the regulation, speeding through the no wake zone. They create waves, causing you to bob up and down, and if the waves get too high, they create danger by tilting you. You can defend yourself by launching fishing lines to slow and disable the watercraft.

To launch defenses against enemy watercraft, touch / mouse on any of the four hook icons near the bottom of the screen, drag to aim, then release to launch. If you make contact, the boat will slow or stop. You get points when you disable a boat. Touch the ally boat to activate help disabling enemy boats. If you disable all the boats on a level, you will advance to a new, more challenging level. Horizontal lines to the right show the size of oncoming waves. The display moves up and down based on the size of waves. When waves get too high, they tilt you, reducing your health. Game is over when your health falls to zero.

No Wake on Windows 10. This Windows version saves the high score.
No Wake on Windows 10

If you have an Android device, you can run No Wake as a web app, available from Amazon.
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NoWake is available as a Chrome app.
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NoWake video footage

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