Fishing Game History

Fishing Game History

1979: A game with a rod and string with a magnet as the bait/lure. The fish are paper and have paper clips in the front. My father helped a lot.

My first fishing game

1982: A paper version of the game, using dice to determine species, size, whether they bite, and whether the angler lands the fish. Biggest influence was Dungeons and Dragons. Some ideas in this game continued through all versions of the computer game.

1983: An Applesoft BASIC fishing game. Casting was most similar to the Microsoft game "Olympic Decathlon". The player pressed a key to let go of the line, determining the length of the cast. Some of the math from this program continued into future computer versions.

1985: Finished Apple assembly language for the outside world. Tiles are 14 by 16 pixels, same size as the Ultima games because Apple hardware puts 7 pixels in one byte, and high res is 280x160 with four lines of text at bottom.
1987: Finished graphics for fish and outside world tiles, as well as assembly language for "screensaver" simulating aquarium full of fish.
Earliest computer
1991: Completed Apple version. Name: "Fishing Game". Available here; can run with an Apple ][ emulator, for example AppleWin.

Video footage of fishing game Narrated footage of the fishing game on Apple II.

1993: Released ScaryFish II for DOS, running on "IBM" / "PC" machines, x86. Available here; can run with a DOS emulator, for example DOSBox.

Video footage of Scaryfish II Footage of ScaryFish II.

1999: Released ScaryFish III for Windows. Runs on all versions from Windows 95 to the latest versions (Windows 10). Available through Amazon.

Video footage of Scaryfish III Footage of ScaryFish III.

2016: Released ScaryFish IIII for Android. Can fish at any world from Version II and any world from Version III.

2016: Released ScaryFish Ultralite. Runs on browsers on many platforms.

2017: Released ScaryFish V. Runs on Windows 10.

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