World Builder's Corner

This page is for people who create worlds with the ScaryFish Make Your Own Worlds Utility (MOWU). This page focuses on newer versions; a link near the bottom has Version III and II info.

Version 5 of the MOWU is part of ScaryFish 5.
Click here for Version 5 world templates. The XML sections of world files make it easy to copy elements from one world to another.

Worlds under construction are in XML style text files, making it easier to edit values outside the MOWU and to copy elements from one world file to another.

New versions (IIII, V, Ultralite) are true color. Preferred file format for custom graphics is .PNG. The .PNG file format allows transparency, especially useful for fish bitmaps and special terrains. The .JPG format might use less space for scenery graphics.

The new (Version 5) format no longer embeds terrain graphics in the world file. Create your custom terrains in a file. The typical layout is 20 terrains wide, so a file with 59 terrains would be 640 * 96, consisting of the first 20 terrains, the next 20 terrains, the next 19 terrains, and 32x32 blank space (or a watermark or copyright or advertisement logo). It will probably be OK to have different numbers of terrains per line, for example if you have 50 terrains, you could have 2 rows of 25 or 5 rows of 10.

Version 5 has some new features at worlds. If you don't specify values for these new fields, the program will use the default values.

The file format for Version 5 worlds under construction will stay the same. The file format for completed Version 5 worlds will change because of the way Javascript handles Unicode text.

Click here for Version III and II world making information. Some of the information for II and III is still relevant to modern verisons.

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