ScaryFish IIII ( ScaryFish 4 )

ScaryFish IIII (ScaryFish 4) runs on Android™ devices.

ScaryFish 4 Pro gives you access to all worlds: over 20 built-in worlds and countless user-created worlds.
ScaryFish 4 Pro also lets you create "Omni" characters who begin with 100 of every item and an enormous amount of game money.
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ScaryFish 4 Lite is free and gives you access to four worlds containing nearly 100 fishing holes.
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How to access user-created worlds in Version IIII: create a directory "scary4" (all lowercase) in the main level of external storage on your phone / device if the directory does not already exist. Put the .uw3 and .uw2 files in that directory. If you're already running the game, exit and launch the game again to see the list of worlds when you "Move To Another World". Enjoy!

Freely-Distributable User Worlds

Video at a user world in Version IIII

Version IIII Record Catches

Send your Version IIII records to me if you'd like them on the list of record catches. The records for IIII began in February 2016, a "clean slate" without any requirement to exceed records from earlier versions.
To export a records file, view records, then choose the last menu item after all the species. The program will put the record file in the "scary4" directory of your device. Filename is "s4recs".
Other forms of evidence of records: transcript files, screen shots when you catch the fish, screen shots of "View Records", word of mouth, are not as reliable as sending the records file.
Version IIII record catches

Special Features in ScaryFish IIII
When fish bite, you can feel the device vibrate (optional setting).
Can try to set hook by pulling back on device as if it's a fishing rod (optional setting).
When making a cast, drag to the spot on the screen you would like your cast to land.
While moving in the outside world, swipe to advance multiple tiles (be careful not to run into hazards!)
The sound when a fish bites has extreme variety in frequency, letting you know how big the bite is.
When you create a new character, you can speak to choose the character's name.

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