ScaryFish 2 ( ScaryFish II )

ScaryFish Version II runs on DOS emulators, for example DosBox.

ScaryFish 2.4 (DOS, runs on emulators such as DOSBox). Now free!

Requirements: about 512K conventional memory.
Select here to download from the WWW.
The online manual is included in and allows access to all full version worlds.

SCHTKR is a freeware "lite" version of the ScaryFish Make Your Own Worlds Utility. The only difference between SCHTKR 2 and the full MOWU is SCHTKR doesn't convert new terrains in world files. The MOWU is required for new terrains to show up in your worlds; SCHTKR reverts them to original terrains.
Runs on emulators such as DOSBox.
Select here to download SCHTKR Version 2 from the WWW.

Some of the user worlds can run on ScaryFish II.
User Worlds

Video of a Version II session

Version II had annual records contests with impressive results. For example, "Stuarinski" caught a 22 pound, 5 ounce Largemouth Bass at the user-created world "Fishamania".
1999 Records Contest Results
1998 Records Contest Results
1997 Records Contest Results
1996 Records Contest Results
1995 Records Contest Results
1994 Records Contest Results

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