Records and Contest Results

ScaryFish Leaderboards on Google Play

The versions of ScaryFish available on Google Play have leaderboards for biggest fish of each species.
Biggest fish are ordered by weight. Categories exist for all time, weekly, and daily.
Apparently a user can have one entry per leaderboard per time period.
To be eligible for leaderboards, sign in to Games Services and fish with a character (not NPC).

Version IIII Record Catches

Send your Version IIII records to me if you'd like them on the list of record catches. A few species still do not have an entry.
To export a records file, view records, then choose the last menu item after all the species. The program will put the record file in the "scary4" directory of your device. Filename is "s4recs".
Other forms of evidence of records include transcript files, screen shots when you catch the fish, screen shots of "View Records", word of mouth, etc, but are less precise.
Version IIII record catches

All-Time ScaryFish III Record Fish
2000 and 2001 results show up in all-time results
1999 Records Contest Results
1998 Records Contest Results
1997 Records Contest Results
1996 Records Contest Results
1995 Records Contest Results
1994 Records Contest Results

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